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Yummies Kebab House

023 92510707
67 Forton Road
PO12 4TD

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Cuisine types: Kebab

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Reviews for Yummies Kebab House (9)

Nicer than average chicken and pizzas, kebabs cooked well enough and well marinated, phone orders hit a bit of an accent barrier though meaning what you get can be a bit erratic

Dom - 03 February 2014

I t is very nice,nice food and clean.

joshua rook - 31 August 2013

Can't go wrong . Yumies is the best kebab and pizza house. Also very fast food , very friendly and customers service.

jack - 20 June 2013

Very poor 4 times wrong order bad, phone back up staff having trouble understanding their own menu and taking orders , not very impressed

Eddie - 06 May 2013

Yummies is very nice and easy to order

Luke - 27 April 2013


dj - 26 January 2013

Absolutely fantastic, never had a bad kebab yet. they are full of flavour and the salad is always crisp and fresh.

Lisa - 19 October 2012

Very rude people!!! they need to be able to under stand people on the phone and delivery at the right time asked. not happy what so ever.

alix - 08 July 2012

Shocking Service - DO NOT USE - Was refused a new Kebab when they messed my order up!!!

Mat - 13 June 2012